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Design Project Symposium

The 10th annual ECE Design Project Symposium is coming up this Wednesday in the Davis Centre at University of  Waterloo from 9:30 AM to 8:00 PM. The Project IRIS team will be there to demonstrate our capsule to the public. In addition to Project IRIS, there will also be many other innovative ECE student projects this year, such as a multi-touch screen, 3D drawing technology, a CVT bike and many many more!

Come look for us in the main lobby area in front of the DC library on Wednesday; you can’t miss us! ;)

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2010 Ontario Engineering Competition

I’m extremely happy to announce that Project IRIS received 3rd prize in the Innovative Design category for the 2010 Ontario Engineering Competition! We had a great time participating and we’d especially like to congratulate the teams from the University of Ottawa and the University of Toronto who received 1st and 2nd prize respectively. All of the participating teams brought some truly innovative designs to the competition. Also, hats off to the OEC organizing committee at UW for a job well done.

Project IRIS Team at the 2010 OEC

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Proposal Presentation

FYDP Proposal Presentation

Our fourth-year design project proposal presentation was an overall success today even taken into consideration of a few scheduling and technology mishaps. We are posting the presentation slides here for those who couldn’t make it out today. To reduce the file size, I have taken out our very inspiring multimedia presentations, which I’d like to think of as value-added bonus for those who were in the audience this morning.

Proposal Presentation – [PDF]


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WEEF Presentation

Our team have just made a presentation to the WEEF funding committee earlier this evening. We are hoping to include WEEF to our growing portfolio of sponsoring corporations and organizations to fund our pricey project. :o)

You can view a copy of slides at the link below.

WEEF Funding Proposal – PowerPoint Presentation

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